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 Procrastinate on Purpose

Witten By:   Rory Vaden


You've tried managing your time. You've tried prioritizing your time. Now discover how to multiply it.

Do you feel like you're busier than ever - yet never caught up? You're not alone. Many of us are tired, frustrated, and stressed from being overworked at the office and at home, with no concrete plan for getting it all under control without compromising our well-being.

In Procrastinate on Purpose, self-discipline strategist Rory Vaden presents a different approach for how to identify and focus on what's important. Instead of one more calendar, checklist, or gadget, he points out that what we really need is an understanding of the emotional reasons we fail to maximize our time - and he then reveals the five 'permissions' we can grant ourselves in order to get better results while creating more margin in our daily lives.

In this paradigm-shifting book, you will discover how to-

  • Identify your most significant priorities, in business and in life
  • Create more time to do the things you love without sacrificing results
  • Say no to the things that don't matter, and yes to the things that do
  • Implement systems that give you more time tomorrow than you have today
  • Gain control and inner peace by adopting the 'multiplier mindset'

Informed by Southwestern Consulting's work with thousands of busy clients, and interspersed with Vaden's case studies that reveal the 'multiplier mindset' at work, this insightful, practical book will turn everything you thought you knew about time upside-down-and it will change the way you work and live.

From the New York Timesbestselling author of Take the Stairs- A bold new way to get things done.

'Managing your time is a lot like managing your money. It's not about the numbers; it's about your behavior. The best time-management tricks in the world won't do you much good if they don't actually make your life better. In Procrastinate on Purpose, Rory builds on what we've all heard about time management and adds the two things that have always been missing- emotion and significance.' Dave Ramsey, New York Timesbestselling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

'If you've ever thought, 'I wish I had more time,' read the great principles of this book. And then I dare you to do what Rory does- live them.' Jon Acuff, New York Timesbestselling author of Start andQuitter

'Procrastinate on Purposewill alter the way the professional world thinks about time - I've never read anything like it. Useful, unique, and relevant . . . this is an absolute must-read for every leader.' Sue Schick, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania and Delaware

'This book is a game-changer.' Jon Gordon, bestselling author of The Energy Busand The Carpenter

'Every once in a while a book comes along that completely shifts the way an entire generation thinks about a specific topic. When it comes to time management and productivity, Procrastinate on Purposemay be the one!' Andy Andrews, New York Timesbestselling author of The Traveler's Giftand The Noticer

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