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 The Remedy

Witten By:   Thomas Goetz


A beguiling real-life medical detective story that explores the birth of modern medicine and the creation of Sherlock Holmes.

Imagine a time when science could offer no hope for human disease, when cholera, smallpox, and - most of all - tuberculosis killed millions unimpeded. This was reality a mere 130 years ago. In 1882, through a series of simple but bold experiments, scientist Robert Koch discovered the germ that caused TB, creating a worldwide sensation. Eager for greater glory, he abandoned his principles and prematurely announced a cure - a remedy.

As Europe's consumptives descended upon Berlin, so too did Arthur Conan Doyle, then a small-town doctor and sometime writer. Investigating Koch's remedy, he was aghast to discover its true nature. The Remedyexplores this pivotal moment for both men, as Conan Doyle would create a new character, the scientific detective Sherlock Holmes, and Koch would be forced to defend his remedy - and his reputation - to a sceptical world.

'Thomas Goetz offers a wonderfully original origins story for modern science. He weaves together one of the great achievements of the nineteenth century - the germ theory of disease - with the creation of the fictional superhero of science, Sherlock Holmes, with grace and surprise.' Carl Zimmer, author of A Planet of Virusesand The Tangled Bank: An Introduction of Evolution

'In Thomas Goetz's fascinating and entertaining new page-turner of a book . . . we are transported to the final decades of the nineteenth century . . . Goetz employs great flair and an unfailing sense of drama as he describes Koch's lonely mission and the highly competitive intellectual milieu of late-nineteenth-century science.' Los Angeles Times

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