Learning to love severely flawed human beings.


I have been following Romany Malco for years now.

His snapchat has become my daily reminder to be grateful for the gifts given to me. In his last snapchat while on the serene Puerto Rican beach, walking his dog, he discussed a heavy topic I feel is somewhat avoided by contemporary media.
Something many people are carrying the scars of.

He spoke about a young man harboring the resentment towards an abusive father while in his "coming of age", and this young man's reaching-out to Romany for guidance.

Channeling from his own experience, Romany offered a 13 minute response to this young man, inviting him to try to understand the abuser's conditioning and traumatic past, as the beginning to the solution. This video was published on his personal blog, and linked below.

All of it resonated with me, and I would like to pass it on to whomever it may concern.

It seems that this aggression is linked to our limited understanding of the grand scheme of things. The less we know about a person we hate, the easier it becomes to hate them.

I feel that on becoming an adult, we eventually require the skill of finding ways to love other, severely flawed, human beings. For our own sake.

A belief is not something that is held by the mind, a belief is something that holds the mind.