Memento Mori


Remember you will die.

I spent yesterday evening (19th Oct, 2014) on what I think no one can deny; bucket list material.
On a serendipitous whim, I jumped at the chance of a much needed break, after David (the manager of my halls and a personal friend) mentioned that he was in the middle of organizing an event for those who want to get away for the better part of the weekend. A sabbatical for the overworked, it seemed. Something touched me to my core and was within an instant, eager to see a new leaf of the country I was now living in. Perhaps a part of me was willing to let a new memory rewrite the existing impression of this campus. What followed became something I would never forget being both surreal and humbling.


Meeting new people is one of the greatest pleasures I've remembered having. I have come to love when a stranger and I, linked through some universal mind, meet and gradually align through conversation. The process of feeling the distance between our thought, close progressively and meet upon common understanding and experience, is what holds value to me. From that moment on, I can call that person a friend and subsequent meetings always begin from the last point, regardless of the length of the gap between seeing them.

Yesterday I met so many people. Of France, Fench Guiana, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Jamaica and many more. I'd be lying if I say I wasn't slightly nervous but those feelings, I've come to realize, is what traps you in the present, preventing you from lamenting the baggage of the past and the restlessness of trying to tip toe, into seeing the future. I've come to love this anxiety. It forces me to heed the riches directly around me, reminding me I'm doing something right.

Sun, Sand, Sea

The beach..Oh the beach. Admittingly, I have a soft spot for beaches. Born and raised on an Island, beaches are arguably within my DNA at this point, branching from a long line of islanders. You'll never find a negative person at the beach. All laughs and smiles.

This instance was no exception. The locals spared no hesitation in introducing themselves and inviting us to a vollyball match. I couldn't take part personally because of an injury, but sitting back in the shade was still thoroughly stimulating. Maybe my mirror neurons were working in overdrive because I could feel the game's energy hold me. A comment stood out by a comrade:

..the beach is nice but the company was great..

Mobay, Jamaica

A Wonder of the world

Unexpectingly, we we had a surprise in store later on. As a bonus, David had planned us visiting the Glistening Waters of Jamaica. Apparently Jamaica is one of the 4 places on Earth to have bioluminescent plankton within 4 feet of water. This means that you can literally touch the water, and have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the water responding back. Saturated with a life of it's own, vibrations of light resonate from around your paddling hand, in a circle, and move out in all directions to the other corners of the Earth, as if the invisible biological signals we send off daily, was in this sudden moment, visible. Yeah, I jumped in. :D

Being engulfed in this glowing blue hue was only trumped by the blanket of stars that covered us. Only once before have I seen so many stars. Like tiny needle holes through black fabric, each of these burning suns, billions of miles away met us and we met them. Sparse at their periphery and disseminated with varying intensity throughout, but, they eventually clumped closer together forming a ridge of white dots where it seemed brightest and the center most point devoid of these specs, appeared as a dark oval void: The void of the super massive black hole that glues our Milky Way together. This ridge became instantly apparent as the center of our universe and I couldn't help but thinking it seemed like a great eye, one of many, watching me in my subtle awe, beaming with light and pride at it's small, curious creation.

On death and Dying...

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