United Kingdom

Thoughts on visiting the united kingdom post covid restrictions.

United Kingdom
Photo by Massimiliano Morosinotto / Unsplash

Finally, with post covid travel restrictions being gradually lifted, the option for many of us to travel again is finally back.

My wife and I took this opportunity to spend nearly 2 weeks touring the united kingdom. Many things were learned and many new experiences were had. For one, I learned that the united kingdom is made up of 3 countries: England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Reflected on their combined flag. The mainland of Ireland itself is in fact its own country of no relation to the UK now, despite previously being part. The separation isn't reflected in the ease of travel between the two though, since you can walk unhindered through each country. But then again, Europeans must be used to such luxuries.

Future posts will include a run down of the trip though I may update this post to include it all. I'm still undecided.