About me


As of creating this version of the blog, I am 31 years old and currently employed as a Doctor in Pediatrics. My goal is to specialize as a Pediatrician.

When I'm not dealing with sick kids at work, I'm usually no-lifing the internet.

I co-created the discord bot Shoob which currently runs on 48,000 guilds and reaches 13 million people. I'm also a lead developer on the animesoul network where I also serve as co-owner.

I have several other projects under my belt, the majority of which aren't on the internet anymore. The few that survived are over at my Github.

If you wish to contact me, I'm usually available on this server, or this one as <h1>gibigbig#7683. My DMS are closed and I have over 600 friend requests I haven't gone through yet from randoms at the time of writing this page, so a ping would be your best chance.

- Gib